My view about J&T Express is really competitive player in E-Logistics Industry

J&T Express is founded in 2015, that is not really an early journey to build and steal market share from the competitive market, where the profit margin is like a razor.

After a long journey, J&T decided to take the first step in China to expand its growth. China is a hot place to compete, but not easy for an early player to come and serve. But J&T really stays here and makes some discomfort to other “old” companies like YTO Express or SF Express.

As I research…

Disclaim: This article is just from my personal views, and not with any purposes to deny or underestimate any individual or organization.

Many people said that “E-commerce is not sustainable”, this burns a lot of money and doesn’t receive any value from consumers. In addition to that, The one who burns more money, will receive more attention from consumers, such as (traffic from websites, apps,… or consumer discussions from social media (including viral and social network,…)

Basically, I don’t think These e-commerce platforms are wasting their money for just educating consumers, but they have intention to receive and deserve more and more.

As I research on the Internet, there are 3 spending sources that E-commerce platforms focus on:

The first is Marketing…

Hi guys! Tonight I receive an unexpected (bad news) grade on a major subject. Not really good mood, So this post is a way to find my mood when taking and summarizing my favorite analysis about some fragmented knowledge.

Super App

So now, let’s come with the first question. What is a super app?

With clear definition from google, a super app is a platform developed by a company offering various services under one umbrella.

Is it ended up and this post is well prepared? No no, I don’t wanna get your brawn (LOL). To be from my perspective, the super app…


According to “Customer Insight in China market report 2018”. There are 4 growth categories, including PREMIUM, HEALTHY, LIFESTYLE, AND INTERACTIVE

Luckily, I saw an ad for Lazada super show 12–12 by chance, which reminds me of the link between China and Vietnam Retail, so this is just my self-conclusion post.

The topic I want to cover is how e-commerce firms apply INTERACTIVE trends to gain a source of growth. If all of you guys see any mistake, please don’t hesitate to drop a comment.

Recently, Vietnamese e-commerce has launched many super-sales days, such as 10–10, 11–11, and 12–12 to push…

Nguyen Bui

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